A war stricken planet where only the strongest of heart and keenest of intellect survive.
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No god hacking
Mon Apr 12, 2010 11:53 am by Digit
Well I did not see any rule about this so I put it up here my self.

------Basic Guidelines------

Don't spam: Posting a lot of messages with little content in them, like just saying 'lol' or 'ok', is considered spamming. Post only if you have something meaningful to add to the conversation. Never post just for the sake of increasing your post count.

No ads and no solicitations: This applies …

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Knowing your rank
Mon Apr 12, 2010 1:57 am by Spade
To all Newcomers


you will not just show up at the village and be almighty, you may very well be powerful but you are not allowed to come in and kick the Leaders ass or some shit like that. Coming in here with that mentality will make you disliked and shunned by others, which is not the best feeling in the world.

Also if you happen to rank up, be …

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Paying attention
Mon Apr 12, 2010 1:55 am by Spade
When ever you are in a fight, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be aware of what is going on. disregarding moves can and will get irritating for who ever you are fighting.
Rose Vs. Unknown

"Rose connects her hand with the ground, and dozens of sharp vines blast upward underneath Unknown". and Unknown responds with " I kick you and the stomch and prepare for a whatever no jutsu."

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Knowing When to Post
Mon Apr 12, 2010 1:54 am by Spade
If you are not part of the battle if a fight is going, you can enter and watch yes, but only about 1 or 2 post per page. It disrupts the flow of battle when people just randomly jump in to it, talking nonsense.

ninja 1: I throw a kunai at steve.
ninja 2: I catch the kunai and toss it back with more force.
poser:I stand in a tree and watch the fight.
ninja 1: I dodge the kunai and rush …

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Missions aka Hits and Contracts
Mon Apr 12, 2010 1:52 am by Spade
you make a new topic of your own under the Assassins or Hitman Category
then you wait for one of the KAge's to listen to you

for example

name of your topic: "a small request"
what you do: *i wait in a chair outside the offices of the assassins/hitmen*
what we do (Rion): *the door opens to reveal me waiting at my desk* what can i do for you?

there is dialogue then eventually

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Power Hierarchy
Mon Apr 12, 2010 1:47 am by Spade
Alright, Ranks are given for a reason, and higher the rank, of course, means that they are stronger than you. So when you fight a higher rank, don't try to act like your equal in strength, your not.

Rakugosha/Shuhan-Strongest in the village. Not unbeatable, and beating one is not likely to happen, at least with me.

Captain/Underboss- a bit weaker than Rakugosha/Shuhan if not equal.

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Your first subject
Sat Apr 10, 2010 2:45 am by Spade
Everyone knows that weapons and techniques are what make everything exciting and fun. Buuuut, it would be recommended to FIRST post your weapons and jtsu list BEFORE you actually enter any type of combat on the site.

It's easier to train someone who has these things because you can see what the are capable of and you know what they need training in. But if you don't have it, it becomes an …

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The Eternal Eclispe :: Rakugosha
The Eternal Eclispe :: Rakugosha

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PostSubject: Doomsday   Fri Jul 16, 2010 3:20 am

Doomsday was created through the cloning of an infant and having it killed over and over again by one of the most dangerous species of the universe and in one of the harshest habitats in existence, prehistoric Krypton. As such, the infant evolves and returns to life, becoming resistant or immune to whatever killed it before. After the Radiant killed him the first time they fought, Doomsday grew immune to the former's energy-projection, and even managed to withstand Darkseid's full Omega-Effect.[5] The amount of damage dealt to Doomsday determines the length of time it would take to fully recover. During his outwardly undamaged death at Superman's hands, he only needed some days to recover, but when Imperiex reduced him to a skeleton, it would take months. His entombment in a Calatonian burial suit and metal vault lasted thousands of centuries: after being killed by the Radiant and subsequently undergoing the impact of the casket on Earth, his body was sealed underground in total darkness. Deprived of solar energy, he could only revive extremely slowly.

Doomsday can also develop/evolve resistance from ordinary injuries. Superman once used a sound gun to greatly discomfort him, but Doomsday's auditory canals closed up, making him impervious to Superman's weapon.[5] Waverider once paralyzed Doomsday with chronal energy, but the second attempt backfired.[5] In essence, Doomsday gradually turns more invulnerable if not injured beyond his ability to recover, which is so far undefined. Doomsday has also developed weapons and abilities that counters the powers of an opponent. He managed to cancel out the pure-energy Radiant by slamming into him; to greatly extend his claws and develop a poison to strike Superman in flight and reel him in;[5] or breathe flames against the fire-sensitive Martian Manhunter, and apparently neutralize his defensive phase-shifting power.[6] Doomsday's skeleton protrudes through his skin in razor-sharp spurs which provide protection to his few vital organs (brain, eyes, nervous system), and act as clawlike weapons on his hands, elbows and knees.

Doomsday possesses extreme physical strength that, variable as it is, sometimes exceeds that of Superman, at one point enabling him to effortlessly stand his ground against the entire Justice League, including Superman and Orion.[7] He was able to break Superman's left arm with limited effort, as well as outmatch and beat Darkseid unconscious in physical combat.[5] However, his strength has limits: the immensely strong Calatonian alloy cables, in which he was entombed, continued to partially restrain during his initial rampage on Earth. It was never stated how long he had struggled to free his left hand before his escape.

Doomsday is immensely resistant to heat, cold, and conventional damage, allowing him to survive on the most inhospitable worlds, or in the vacuum of space. His durability apparently also considerably exceeds that of Superman, as he was able to withstand Darkseid´s full-powered "Omega Effect" without any shown damage.[5]

Doomsday possesses seemingly inexhaustible stamina, and was not noticeably slowed down from fighting Superman for an entire day. His speed and agility are vastly disproportionate to his bulky stature, and has been able to match Superman in this regard. He cannot fly, but rather travels by leaping miles at a time. Superman took advantage of this in their first battle by trying to keep him airborne, as the sky was his element.

Doomsday has a highly accelerated healing factor that allows him to quickly regenerate from most damage. When his side was cut by Superman with a plasma sword, it closed within moments. As a result of his engineering, Doomsday does not need to eat, drink, breathe, or sleep, and his body is almost solid mass with few vulnerable organs.[5]

Doomsday is now genetically part-Kryptonian due to his genes having been spliced with Kal-El's, however with the exception of his flame-breath, he has displayed no additional abilities. In fact, he was shown weaker than previously when he was singlehandedly beaten by Superman, which should not have been possible given previous accounts. This was rationalized as due to intelligence that he developed, causing him to fear the death that awaited him if he lost, but does not explain how a simple minor concussion could incapacitate his healing-factor for the time he remained unconscious.[6] However, he lost his intelligence when sent back in time, reverting him to his original state of fearlessness.[citation needed]

Once he gained some of Superman's Kryptonian DNA, he became susceptible to Kryptonite. Unlike Superman, it causes him pain, but cannot kill him.[citation needed] This was done to render him controllable.

In fearful day, in raging night,
With strong hearts full, our souls ignite,
When all seems lost in the War of Light,
Look to the stars-- For hope burns bright!

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