A war stricken planet where only the strongest of heart and keenest of intellect survive.
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A Long Lost Art Icon_minitimeFri Sep 17, 2010 7:23 am by Kaito Kannagi

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No god hacking
A Long Lost Art Icon_minitimeMon Apr 12, 2010 11:53 am by Digit
Well I did not see any rule about this so I put it up here my self.

------Basic Guidelines------

Don't spam: Posting a lot of messages with little content in them, like just saying 'lol' or 'ok', is considered spamming. Post only if you have something meaningful to add to the conversation. Never post just for the sake of increasing your post count.

No ads and no solicitations: This applies …

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Comments: 3
Knowing your rank
A Long Lost Art Icon_minitimeMon Apr 12, 2010 1:57 am by Spade
To all Newcomers


you will not just show up at the village and be almighty, you may very well be powerful but you are not allowed to come in and kick the Leaders ass or some shit like that. Coming in here with that mentality will make you disliked and shunned by others, which is not the best feeling in the world.

Also if you happen to rank up, be …

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Paying attention
A Long Lost Art Icon_minitimeMon Apr 12, 2010 1:55 am by Spade
When ever you are in a fight, ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS be aware of what is going on. disregarding moves can and will get irritating for who ever you are fighting.
Rose Vs. Unknown

"Rose connects her hand with the ground, and dozens of sharp vines blast upward underneath Unknown". and Unknown responds with " I kick you and the stomch and prepare for a whatever no jutsu."

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Knowing When to Post
A Long Lost Art Icon_minitimeMon Apr 12, 2010 1:54 am by Spade
If you are not part of the battle if a fight is going, you can enter and watch yes, but only about 1 or 2 post per page. It disrupts the flow of battle when people just randomly jump in to it, talking nonsense.

ninja 1: I throw a kunai at steve.
ninja 2: I catch the kunai and toss it back with more force.
poser:I stand in a tree and watch the fight.
ninja 1: I dodge the kunai and rush …

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Missions aka Hits and Contracts
A Long Lost Art Icon_minitimeMon Apr 12, 2010 1:52 am by Spade
you make a new topic of your own under the Assassins or Hitman Category
then you wait for one of the KAge's to listen to you

for example

name of your topic: "a small request"
what you do: *i wait in a chair outside the offices of the assassins/hitmen*
what we do (Rion): *the door opens to reveal me waiting at my desk* what can i do for you?

there is dialogue then eventually

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Power Hierarchy
A Long Lost Art Icon_minitimeMon Apr 12, 2010 1:47 am by Spade
Alright, Ranks are given for a reason, and higher the rank, of course, means that they are stronger than you. So when you fight a higher rank, don't try to act like your equal in strength, your not.

Rakugosha/Shuhan-Strongest in the village. Not unbeatable, and beating one is not likely to happen, at least with me.

Captain/Underboss- a bit weaker than Rakugosha/Shuhan if not equal.

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Your first subject
A Long Lost Art Icon_minitimeSat Apr 10, 2010 2:45 am by Spade
Everyone knows that weapons and techniques are what make everything exciting and fun. Buuuut, it would be recommended to FIRST post your weapons and jtsu list BEFORE you actually enter any type of combat on the site.

It's easier to train someone who has these things because you can see what the are capable of and you know what they need training in. But if you don't have it, it becomes an …

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 A Long Lost Art

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PostSubject: A Long Lost Art   A Long Lost Art Icon_minitimeFri Jul 30, 2010 7:26 pm

* First Realm - When the symbol "一", representing the number one in Japanese, appears in his eye, it indicates his use of the first realm, the "Realm of Hell", which grants him the power to create real Illusions, capable of entering the real world. This power is simply reality-warping, with the limitation of, the Illusion must be pre-made before the power enters the real world. Seemingly he can use this ability without having the Illusion to appear in the real world, but only in the mind.

* Second Realm - ("二" represents the number two) is the "Realm of Hungry Ghosts", which grants him the power to use the skills of others; when he controls a person's body, he is able to perfectly perform their signature attacks.

* Third Realm - ("三" is three) is the "Realm of Beasts", which grants him the power to summon and control deadly animals.

* Fourth Realm - ("四" is four) is the "Realm of Asura", which increases his hand-to-hand combat skills as an eerie flame surrounds his right eye.

* Fifth Realm - ("五" is five) is the "Realm of Humans", which increases his battle aura, thus his strength; it is considered to be the most dangerous of the Six Realms; when Isamu first enters the realm, he physically pierces his right eye, and a type of aura then surrounds Isamu's entire body Isamu's aura, in itself, poses no danger, as it just represents Isamu's fighting spirit.

* Sixth Realm - ("六" is six) is the "Realm of Heaven", which grants him the power to control others.

Kannagan - Isamu's Kannagan, unlike his long lost brother Kaito's, allows him to use the Six Realms, while also granting him unbelievable Raiton control. With the Kannagan activated he can use any Raiton jutsu(No matter what class it is) with no exertion of chakra, except A and S class those require a small amount of chakra exertion. The Kannagan also allows him the ability to redirect any other Raiton attacks fired directly at him.

Isamu's Kanngan:


- Current Manipulation Technique [Denryuu Tesabaki no Jutsu]
This jutsu uses waves of chakra to bend an electrical current, to make it flow in a less-direct way. This jutsu is usually used in combination with the Lightning Trip-Wire Technique, Taser Technique, or any other techniques that utilize electrical currents to make them harder to avoid. This jutsu requires no hand-seals and can easily be performed in combination with other techniques. | Chakra- 2 (Inc) | The current is bent so that it can hit things 1(Inc) foot away | Chuunin

- Superconductor Skill [Dai Doutai no Jutsu]
An advanced form of the rudimentary academy skill, Dai Doutai no Jutsu differs from its parent skill in that there is no passive quality. When activated, the user absorbs ambient electricity and is able to arc it toward any fair-sized metallic objects within fifteen feet of the user to shock whomever is connected to it. Because this skill requires the body to provide a much higher resistance rating to be able to control the electrical flow, self-damage will occur. | Chakra - 8(Inc2) | HP Cost - 2 (Inc2) | Damage - 10(Inc2) | Chuunin |

- Shock Net [Dengeki no Ami]
The user creates a complex electrical current between his fingers. This current is then "cast" outward towards an opponent or object while still maintaining contact with the user's fingers. While this can be used as an attack, it is more commonly used for its magnetic properties. Any metal objects caught within the "net" are pulled by the magnetic field. This jutsu, therefore, can be used to retrieve a large number of objects or even to disarm opponents. | Chakra- 10 (Inc10) | Damage- 5(Inc10) | The field has a strength of 1(Inc10) | Chuunin | Any increments beyond 10 only increase the strength of the magnetic field, not the damage |

- Lightning Cage Technique [Denkou no Ori no Jutsu]
This technique uses chakra to set up a powerful web of electrical currents surrounding a victim. Lightning shoots from the user's fingertips and surrounds the victim, shocking him as the current surrounds him. The cage deals little damage to those trapped within, but anyone trying to leave is in for a real shock. Unfortunately, while the cage does a good job of keeping most people inside, it also damages anyone trying to reach into the field to attack. Magnetic currents protect the victim from attacks from metal objects, and electrical attacks are likewise useless. | Chakra- 75 | Damage- 25 (first post only) | An endurance of 5 is required to stand to break out of the field. The cage deals an extra 50 damage to anyone trying to enter or leave. | ANBU | Effect lasts three posts.

- Lightning Screen [Denkou no Shahei]
After performing a row of hand-seals, the user places his hands on the ground and in front of him a large and powerful field of lightning erupts from the ground and lasts for a few seconds before dissipating. This field not only shocks anyone unlucky enough to touch it, it also does a good job of deflecting lightning techniques, not to mention anything involving metal. | Chakra- 100 | Damage- 75 | An endurance of 6 is needed to punch through the wall. Attacks dealing less than 75 damage are negated. | ANBU

- Static Clone Technique [Seidenki Bunshin no Jutsu]
After a row of hand-seals, several electrical fields erupt from the user's hands and form into vaguely humanoid shapes. A simple genjutsu is used to then make the fields look like the user or anyone else the user chooses. Although the clones can't exert any physical force, if an opponent comes into contact with it, it dissipates and heavily shocks the him or her. | Chakra- 60 (Per Clone) | Damage- 50 (Per Clone) | The clone has an agility level equal to the user's intelligence. | ANBU

- Blade of the Lightning God [Raijin no Ittou]
The user focuses chakra into either arm and collects ambient electricity into a tight lattice around the forearm and hand. By compressing the electricity and chakra together, the user forms a single-use electrical blade. While the blade has no real substance and thus cannot block or parry, its side-effect more than makes up for it - the area around that which is struck by the blade will be instantly shocked numb. | Chakra - 50 | Damage - 75 | Area around the spot that the blade strikes will be completely numb for two posts. The blade disappears after striking the opponent, since all of its electricity enters the opponent during the strike. | Advanced ANBU

- Lightning Scorch Technique [Denkou Yakekoge no Jutsu]
The user performs a short row of hand seals, ending with his hands pointing towards his victim. Lightning bolts shoot out of his finger tips and dance along the victim's flesh, causing severe burns all over the body. This jutsu has the advantage of being difficult to block or dodge without the victim hiding behind something that doesn't conduct electricity.| Chakra- 100 | Damage- 85 | Jounin

- Human Lightning Rod [Hiraishin no Jintai]
The user emits a powerful field of electrical energy; anyone caught within it gains a negative charge. The user positively charges the air around him, meaning that anyone within the field is constantly shocked by lightning. Although this jutsu is almost impossible to dodge while within the field, the field only extends 10 meters from the user. This jutsu also does a great job of disrupting electrical jutsu aimed at the user. A-Rank

- Touch of the Lightning God [Raijin no Hadazawari]
The user gathers a large amount of chakra into his fingertips and converts it to electricity. The electricity then bursts from the fingertips and seeks out the victim. The lightning doesn't rend the flesh, but instead eletrifys the opponent, seeking out and attacking the heart and nervous system. The pain this jutsu causes is said to be unbearable. Victims of this jutsu frequently have heart attacks within 24 hours after being hit, so medical care is highly advised. Kinjutsu

- Grasp of the Lightning God [Raijin no Haji]
The user gathers a tremendous amount of eletricity into their hands. The user then grabs the opponent with both hands and sets up a powerful current of eletricity through the opponent's body. This eletricity not only electrifies its victim, but also renders the area around where the opponent is holding immobile, although other parts of the victim's body can freely move. | Chakra- 75 per post A-Rank


-Violent Thunderclap [Hageshii Jinrai]
An extremely powerful Raiton ninjutsu that requires the pinnacle of chakra control to perform. The user gathers massive amounts of chakra into his palms and flattens it out into a disc extending over each hand that absorb any ambient electricity. Once the discs have collected enough ambient energy, the user smashes his palms together, creating a deafening thunderclap accompanied by a hemispherical electric shockwave that travels outward from the hands. With all of this occurring within a few seconds, it is clear to see why the utmost of chakra control is required. Opponent is deafened and disoriented for two posts | S-Rank

- Dance of the Condemned [Keito no Mai]
This jutsu, considered forbidden for its cruelty, partially shuts down a person's nervous system, sending them into a form of nervous shock that ends with the person being unable to move for a brief period. In order to perform this technique, the user must perform a long row of hand seals and then touch the victim's neck or spinal chord (touching clothing or armor in that area is fine, as long as it can't block electricity). Repeated use of this jutsu has been known to cause permanent nerve damage. The victim is sent into nervous shock for one post, and is then paralyzed for another two posts. | S-Rank Kinjutsu


- Summoning Jutsu [Ken no megami no shōkan]
Just like any other summoning jutsu, Isamu cuts his hand and performs hands signs, but unlike everyone else he uses an ancient set of seals taught to him by the elders of the Wakahisa clan. He performs a long row of hands seals and thrusts his hand into the air reciting the ancient spell to summon the ancient sword goddess. Isamu cannot perform any other techniques once he starts to perform the hand seals. The hand seals take two posts to complete and once the goddess is summoned she does not attack for one more post when Isamu gives her some direction. | The goddess only appears for a maximum of four posts, and if she stays for four post it drains most of Isamu's Chakra. | Chakra cost - 100 for the summon and 50 per post for four post then she vanishes.

- Transformation into the Master Sword Goddess [Henkan ken no megami no]
After the one turn standby period for the sword goddess. Isamu commons her in Japanese to transform into her attack form. Since the Wakahisa clan is a clan of swordswomen they could not teach a young man like Isamu to use the sword, instead they taught him the summon. After the Sword goddess transforms she stays transformed for the remainder of her time summoned and she attacks the opponent on Isamu's command. | The sword goddess's transformation can not be compounded with her magic transformation or any of her magical techniques (Which Isamu has yet to learn). | She can only use one of her sword techniques before she vanishes. | Chakra cost - 75 for the transformation

- Demonic Slash / Wrath of the Sword Goddess [Ken no megami no akuma no ikari]
The sword goddess draws her sword and thrust it high above her head. It glows an eerie blue color before she rushes the opponent and grabs a hold of the opponent. Once the opponent is grab they cannot break the hold and the sword goddess slashes twice. The slashes are in an X shape and can be blocked if the opponent reacts quick enough. | The grab can be dodged and if it is then the sword goddess disappears and cannot be summoned again in that battle. | Chakra cost - 100 | Damage - 125

- Transformation into the Magic Goddess [Henkan majikku megami ni]
Just like the master sword trans nothing has changed. except she can't use the sword techniques only the magic techniques. | Chakra cost - 25 for this transformation but Isamu hasn't learned how to use any of her techniques.
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